Unna Table (extendable)

Monica Förster

Unna Table is an elegant multipurpose table that is super lightweight even though it is made entirely in solid wood. It comes in fixed and extendable versions. What distinguishes the extendable version of the table in addition to its overall sleek design are lace-like hand-carved table top extension leafs, which are inserted in the middle of the table. The designer, Monica Förster, applied Zanat’s UNESCO nominee hand-carving technique to create these unique and customizable extension leafs that can match the color of the table frame or come in a contrasting color. The table can be extended by 50 cm with one and 100 cm with two extension leafs, both conveniently stored underneath the table top. The extension leafs are sold separately and one can always order extra ones in a different color or with new carving patterns. The handmade extension mechanism made in steel and wood is customdesigned, very simple to use and built to last. 

Basic Tech Drawing


W 160 D 85 H 74 cm; W 210 D 85 H 74 cm; W 260 D 85 H 74 cm


  • Maple Black Stain

    Maple Black Stain

  • Oak Oil

    Oak Oil

  • Oak White Oil

    Oak White Oil

  • Cherry Oil

    Cherry Oil

  • Walnut Oil

    Walnut Oil

  • Ash Oil

    Ash Oil

  • Maple White Oil

    Maple White Oil

  • Ash White Oil

    Ash White Oil

Disclaimer: The colors of different wood species and other materials shown on this website may not be identical to the colors of these materials on actual products, as actual colors cannot be always reproduced in digital form and also because colors of wood naturally differ from one piece to another.