Piano Table

Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

The design objective with Piano tables was to create simple, lightweight and multifunctional set of coffee and side tables, which have to stand out and fit into Zanat’s distinct design identity. When the first drawings of Piano tables were shown to Zanat management, the reaction was WOW!   The tables feature a light and unimposing base made from hand-welded steel rods with a black powder coat finish.   What makes Piano tables special are the elegant and joyful cogwheel carving patterns around the table edges. Seen from above, the carving patterns are reminiscent of piano keys and therefore the name Piano Coffee and Side Tables. The tables come in three different heights and sizes and they fit together like gear wheels of a clock both visually, but also in a functional sense, which renders Piano tables the right companion to almost any designer sofa in both residential and public environments. The table tops are made in solid maple and have Zanat’s recognizable mat black or wenge finish.

Basic Tech Drawing


W 170 D 100 H 35 cm; Ø60 H 40 cm; Ø40 H 45 cm


  • Maple Black Stain

    Maple Black Stain

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