Mati Table

Sebastian Herkner

Mati table, designed by Sebastian Herkner, is a statement of grace and simplicity.   Much of the table’s character stems from cleverly considered joints between the legs, its frame and the tabletop, which create attractive details underneath the tabletop while giving an appearance of levitating tabletop lightness. Furthermore, the rounded edges on the tabletop render the table inviting and calm.   The table’s character is not complete without its legs, rounded on the inside, but cut flat and hand-carved on the outside. The hand-carved texture was inspired by the cellular structure of wood, which is not only an attractive visual detail, but a reminder that wood once was a living organism. Table legs are designed with the same features as those of Mati chairs, creating a perfect match. Mati table is made entirely in solid European hardwoods and it comes in a variety of woods and finishes as well as several standard lengths. Customized lengths are also a possibility.  


W 198 D 100 H 74 cm, W 223 D 100 H 74 cm, W 295 D 100 H 74 cm


  • Maple Black Stain

    Maple Black Stain

  • Oak Oil

    Oak Oil

  • Oak White Oil

    Oak White Oil

  • Walnut Oil

    Walnut Oil

  • Ash Oil

    Ash Oil

  • Maple White Oil

    Maple White Oil

  • Ash White Oil

    Ash White Oil

  • Maple Wenge Stain

    Maple Wenge Stain

Disclaimer: The colors of different wood species and other materials shown on this website may not be identical to the colors of these materials on actual products, as actual colors cannot be always reproduced in digital form and also because colors of wood naturally differ from one piece to another.