Koba Table

Jean-Marie Massaud

Jean-Marie Massaud designed this set of side tables that feature a hand-carved base in solid wood and a seamlessly integrated table top made in mouth-blown glass by Poshinger, a 450-year-old glass blowing family business from Germany, which like Zanat, uses a production technique inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list. The sculptural, round base in solid wood penetrates the bowl-shaped table top in blown glass. The hand-carved top in wood reveals a rounded rectangular opening in the middle that is not only decorative but enables one to easily grab and carry the tables. The wooden top can be easily unscrewed which enables the glass to be shipped separately and replaced in case it breaks.

Basic Tech Drawing


Ø 51 H 45 cm; Ø48 H 55 cm


  • Maple Black Stain

    Maple Black Stain

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