Kalia Chaise-longue

Jean-Marie Massaud

Kalia Chaise-Lounge is a genuinely innovative and visually light chaise-lounge skillfully sculpted in thick solid wood (maple or cherry). The top is made of around 50 pieces of wood—each with different and extraordinarily precise geometry. The pieces, joined at 45 degree angle, have to fit together perfectly to form the curvatures of the chaise lounge. The joints not only testify to the mastery of Zanat’s craftsman and engineers, but also create a leaf-like fish bone pattern on the surface of the wooden top. Another essential highlight of this sculptural piece are the hand-carved edges which emphasize the elegant curvature of the piece. The carving pattern, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud is inspired by the aesthetic of burnt wood. Kalia’s base is made in gun-powder finished steel with a narrow minimalistic column and a flat rectangular base, which provides the sculptural wooden top with a levitating lightness. This is a product that makes Zanat’s craftsman proud of their skills. For additional comfort, the chaise lounge will have a pillow and a removable cover hand-knitted in wool, the result of collaboration with a female-only enterprise in Bosnia, all designed by Jean-Marie Massaud.

Basic Tech Drawing


W 204 D 51 H 70 cm


  • Maple Black Stain

    Maple Black Stain

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