Hide & Seek Containers and Coffee/Side Tables

Monica Förster

These sculptural and hand-carved round objects, entirely made in solid maple, come in three different shapes and sizes, designed to work as an attractive set of side tables or coffee tables. Lifting the skillfully sculpted container covers exposes a hollow inside of the containers where objects that one needs close to hand but out of site can be stored. A choice of different carving patterns, designed by Monica Förster Design Studio, adds the final touch of elegance to these elegant, multipurpose objects.


  • Maple Black Stain

    Maple Black Stain

  • Maple Wenge Stain

    Maple Wenge Stain

Disclaimer: The colors of different wood species and other materials shown on this website may not be identical to the colors of these materials on actual products, as actual colors cannot be always reproduced in digital form and also because colors of wood naturally differ from one piece to another.